Shropshire: A Devil Of A Place

A few tall tales of devilish behaviour in Shropshire.

Originally posted on Twitter on the Thursday 24th October 2019.
Images via @britishlibrary's Flickr collection.

The devil riding through the air throttling the man beneath him.

The Devil Don't Play Cards.

In Plaish an assembly of distinctly unpious clergy were playing cards on a Sunday evening when the sound of approaching hooves came to them, swiftly followed by a gust of wind that blew the door open.

A cluster of vicars staring anxiously at a door.

All but one vicar fled and he was never seen again. Though a human-shaped bloodstain marked the spot where he last stood. Since that day whenever cards are played on the Sabbath you'll hear the hooves clattering towards you.

And presumably the clergy of the area are far better behaved.

Even When You Win, You Lose.

Meanwhile over at Ightfield Hall, the head of the Mainwaring family was said to have gambled with the devil and won. He forced the devil to plant an avenue of trees to the churchyard.

An avenue of trees leading to a great house.

A bit miffed by this, the devil swore revenge on the man whether he be buried within or without the walls of the churchyard. So on Mainwaring's death, his family had him interred in the wall itself.

Though still his ghost is said to haunt the family home.

For God's Sake Get Planning Permission.

While over in Worfield, the proposed site for the village church so annoyed the devil that he would dismantle each day's work when the labourers clocked off for the night.

A sketch of St Peter's Church in Worfield.

Rightly aggrieved by this nonsense, the workmen eventually changed the location of the church and the devil, satisfied by the relocation plan, left them alone to finish the building in peace.

We All Need A Rest In The End.

Knackered by all these shenanigans, the devil needed a sit down.

The Stiperstones is a quartzite ridge strewn with large boulders where you'll find The Devils Chair.

A sketch of the Stiperstones from the west.

Himself was carrying these rocks to Ireland when exhaustion overtook him and he dropped them all. Looking around for a good place to rest, he saw that he'd inadvertently formed a nice little spot to rest his eyes.

Should you too find yourself in need of a sit down after walking the ridge you'll hear the rumble of approaching thunder. If it's a hot day, you'll have caught the scent of brimstone in the air.